Dumpster Sizes

  • Roll Off Dumpsters in San Antonio

    15-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Home remodeling project Ideal for smaller projects 12' by 8' by 4'
  • Rent Dumpster in San Antonio

    20-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Deck removal Debris of shed renovation 20' by 8' by 4'
  • Dumpster Rental in San Antonio

    30-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Major construction project About 9 pickup truck loads 20' by 8' by 6'
  • San Antonio Dumpster Rental

    40-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Large home's remodeling Commercial building 20' by 8' by 8'

Pipeline Construction Rentals

The team at South Texas Dumpsters has years of experience meeting the waste management needs of pipeline projects across Southern Texas and the Eagle Ford Shale. Our drivers know the area like the back of their hand and are able to quickly reach even the most rural or remote locations. We use the latest GPS technology to ensure that you get your dumpster exactly where you need it, when you need it. Our state-of-the-art roll off dumpsters can handle construction projects of any magnitude. We offer five different sizes of dumpster, from small residential waste containers to construction dumpsters capable of holding up to four tons. Call (830) 399-4980 to speak with a waste management expert about which size dumpster is right for your project.

Streamlined Solutions For Waste Management

We strive to make sure that your pipeline construction project goes smoothly. We aim to keep our customers on time and under budget with our affordable prices and superior service. Our team will be right there with you along every step of way to meet your waste management needs quickly and reliably. Our roll off dumpsters and sanitation facilities offer a simple yet highly effective temporary waste management solution. We streamline the disposal of dirt, debris and other material so that your company can focus on what really matters-construction. South Texas Dumpsters is able to provide affordable waste disposal services for every phase of pipeline construction, including:

  • Clearing and Grading: We remove debris to give you a level working surface.
  • Trenching: We dispose of rocks and any other waste material found during trenching operations.
  • Stringing, Bending, Welding and Coating: Let us handle all of the excess waste that accumulates while you and your crew concentrate on constructing a pipeline.
  • Lowering, Tie-ins and Backfilling: We help you to make sure all waste is properly disposed of before you begin filling in the pipeline trenches with soil.
  • Pressure testing: We can help you to clean up the aftermath of any failed pressure tests.
  • Maintenance and Restoration: Our roll dumpsters and sanitation facilities are ideal for maintenance and restoration of pipeline sections.

Pipeline Maintenance and Expansion Rentals

Our affordable and professional services are available to customers throughout Southern Texas and the Eagle Ford Shale region. In recent years, this area has experienced an economic boom as the result of increased drilling activity. Southern Texas is expected to continue its exponential economic growth as the oil and natural gas industry becomes more involved in the Eagle Ford Shale region. New oil and natural gas extraction technologies have encouraged many companies within the industry to expand and improve upon existing Eagle Ford pipelines. We help pipeline expansion projects in Southern Texas to grow and develop while protecting the environment, communities and families. Our team is dedicated to helping pipeline expansion projects dispose of waste materials quickly, safely and in compliance with government regulations. Speak with a representative at (830) 399-4980 for a free consultation or to get a quote for your pipeline expansion project rental.

Hauling Contaminated Soil

At South Texas Dumpsters we believe in doing everything within our power to avoid or prevent accidents. Our primary goal is to help customers manage waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable. In the event of an oil spill or pipeline leakage, soil around the area will become contaminated and pose a risk to public health and safety. South Texas Dumpsters is P-5 certified to haul dirt that has been contaminated by oil. Our professional waste management experts can help you to clean up spills or accidents in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Why Use South Texas Dumpsters?

We at South Texas Dumpsters pride ourselves on providing superior waste management solutions to pipeline construction projects. We offer construction dumpsters suitable for both large and small scale projects. Our services are fast, reliable, and most importantly, affordable. We work with our clients throughout every step of the construction process to make sure that their waste elimination needs are met. Our dedicated staff members are always on hand to give you expert advice and assistance. Call (830) 399-4980 to speak with a representative about renting one of our dumpsters for your pipeline construction project today.

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