Dumpster Sizes

  • Roll Off Dumpsters in San Antonio

    15-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Home remodeling project Ideal for smaller projects 12' by 8' by 4'
  • Rent Dumpster in San Antonio

    20-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Deck removal Debris of shed renovation 20' by 8' by 4'
  • Dumpster Rental in San Antonio

    30-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Major construction project About 9 pickup truck loads 20' by 8' by 6'
  • San Antonio Dumpster Rental

    40-Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    Large home's remodeling Commercial building 20' by 8' by 8'

Easy Dumpster Rental in Karnes City, TX

When a project starts at your home or place of business that will entail a lot of debris and garbage, you may be looking for dumpster rental in Karnes City, TX. If that is the case, you will want your first call to go straight to South Texas Dumpsters at (210) 372-8666. Why? 

Well, you probably do not have a dumpster at home that will fit your needs. You have seen the long, heavy bins sitting outside houses undergoing a major remodel or new construction. You may have even wondered how you can get one of those outside your home for that project you have coming up in a few weeks.

Your wait is over – now you know that renting a construction dumpster in Karnes City, TX, is as easy as picking up the phone. Anyone can call – you do not have to be a contractor to do business with South Texas Dumpsters.

Dumpsters work for many different projects

Depending on the project you are undertaking, the size of the dumpster you rent from South Texas Dumpsters is important. You do not want a small waste container for a large remodeling project and you do not want overkill by ordering an enormous dumpster for a basic garage cleanout. 

South Texas Dumpsters helps you get around this problem by offering several different sized options. Small dumpsters (10 cubic yards) are perfect for small yard cleanups or small garage cleanouts. Large dumpster rentals (40 cubic yards) fit the bill for major construction or remodeling projects at your home or business. Several choices in between, including 20- and 30-cubic yard options) give good opportunities for medium sized projects. 

Don’t forget that if you do fill up a dumpster during the course of a project that South Texas Dumpsters can send a drive to come empty your full waste container. Once the bin is empty again, your project can continue quickly and efficiently.

Placement of the roll off container on your property is crucial as well. Even if your project is taking place on an end of the house where there is only grass and no driveway, you want to be careful about putting a heavy dumpster on a soft part of your yard. If it sinks in too far, it will be difficult to get out. One method for doing this is to use some sort of wood underneath the dumpster to help distribute the weight – 4 x 4s or sheets of plywood would be good candidates to try under the dumpster. 

Dumpster rentals are normally placed on a hard concrete driveway or on the street in front of the house. These locations provide support for the dumpster and keep you from worrying about how heavy it is as you are filling it up.

Call South Texas Dumpsters in Karnes City, TX today! 

If you need a dumpster rental in Karnes City, TX, please give South Texas Dumpsters a call at (210) 372-8666. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, showing you exactly what to do. They will help you choose the correct dumpster size and will ensure their driver is there to deliver the dumpster to your house in the Karnes City, TX area exactly on schedule. 

If you have been putting off that home project because you’re just not ready to get started due to the multitude of details you will have to arrange, cross “dumpster rental” off your list by calling us today. Our professional service and impressive product selection at affordable prices will make your job a hundred times easier, for which you and your family will be grateful. Don’t wait – call today!

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